PCDI Irrigation

Pressure Compensating Drip Irrigation (PCDI) is a flexible irrigation system that requires higher levels or wastewater treatment. PCDI has small emitters allowing a limited flow, this forces the liquid to distribute across the entire field rather than pooling in one area.

Due to the fine emitters, the treatment plant must treat to secondary level and the lines regularly cleaned. The PCDI lines can be of varying lengths and run across contour to a certain degree, giving much more flexibility to the layout and shape of the irrigation area.

It is commonly required on heavy clay soils where soakage is limited and it is important to spread the treated water evenly.

Flush Taps
At the end of each line there will be a flush tap. These taps are used to flush out the build up of contaminants in the irrigation lines, it is best practice to do this with clean water.
Flush Boxes
If your irrigation is buried, the flush taps will be found under purple flush boxes. These have a purple lid and sit flush to the ground, allowing you to mow the irrigation area.
End Flush Tap
At the end of the main feed line is a tap, similar to that on the end of all the irrigation lines. On some systems there will also be a hose fitting for back flushing purposes.

Common PCDI Layouts

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