Robust Performance
The pumps in these systems are designed for a hard life; reliable consistent performance.
Peace of mind
A Pump station that will keep your household flowing with no interruptions
Multiple Size Options
Whatever your flow volume, there will be a product to suit.

Pressure Sewer Pump Stations


Robust Pump

A specially designed turbine pump lies at the heart of the system. These pumps have unprecedented durability, being less susceptible to wear and tear. 

We all know what shouldn’t go down a toilet, but somehow it still happens from time to time. So you need a pump that will handle it.

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Pump Stations

Larger tank volume

With options from 900 – 1100L or more, these tanks will have 24hr storage in the case of an emergency situation. No more risk of raw sewage spilling on your property.


Smart Controller

The Aquatec Omnismart controller has been developed to give the best and most simple diagnostics possible.

Smart Controller

Pressure Sewer Products​

Enduraplex Pump Station

Quality pressure sewer solution by Aquatec. The Enduraplex has a nominal volume of 950L, handling most household flows with 24hr emergency reserve. Light weight for installation yet robust in operation, this system will not fail to perform under rigorous conditions.

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