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Advanced Primary Treatment

1600L per day


The NF8000 system is an advanced primary treatment system capable of treating up to 1600L per day.

Utilizing the power of vermicomposting, this system requires no power in the treatment process. If your site is suitable, you can also use a gravity discharge option, removing the need for any pumps. For gravity to work, you will require a fall of at least 3m from the top of the system to the start of the disposal area; our slope calculator can help you work out what fall you have.

With this system the plumbing must be separated into black and grey. The black water drainage includes your toilets and kitchen sink, all the rest is grey water (laundry, showers, basins etc.). This improves the performance of the system by reducing the amount of liquid passing through the worm bed, as they like to be damp but not swimming. It also means your laundry powders and other chemicals are kept out of the worm bed, protecting them and giving you more flexibility around the cleaners you can use.

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