Green Alternatives to Highly Corrosive Cleaning Agents

Certain cleaning agents used in activities like dishwashing and toilet can damage your soil. For instance, high sodium products that are used in dishwashing machines can cause adverse salt imbalance in the soil. This can eliminate helpful micro-organisms that contribute to overall soil health.

Highly corrosive toilet and drain cleaners that have direct skin contact warning labels, can kill off beneficial bacteria and damage the soil further down the track.

Enzyme Pro: sustainable alternative for the benefit of the environment

Waterflow offers substitute cleaning products that prevent soil damage. Enzyme Pro is a non-harmful cleaning product that effectively cleans your equipment and facilities without destroying bacteria and organisms in your wastewater system. In fact, Enzyme Pro strongly supports organic activity, it will contribute to the health and treatment effectiveness of your system.

There are a variety of applications for this product, from cleaning carpets, glass, grease traps, commercial kitchens, garbage disposal areas and others. With a C31 MPI approval, there are no limits to the applications for Enzyme Pro.

With these cleaning agents, we deliver the following:

  • Significant reduction of stress on wastewater and sewage systems
  • Performance enhancement of entire drainage system
  • Improved sustainability of land use

Biomagic: Cleaning drains and supporting healthy bacteria

Biomagic contains liquid oxygen, providing what is required to boost bacteria. It works wonders in struggling wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks.

It is also an effective drain cleaner, as it stimulates organic activity in your drains. This stimulation results in the breakdown and clearing of build-up in your drainage system, saving costly cleanouts or remediation.

Try our environment-friendly cleaning alternatives. It not only makes for a more efficient water system on your property, it’ll make a difference for future land use.

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