Choose Aerated Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

The average family of five will use about 800 litres per day. Choose aerated wastewater treatment systems to treat and produce clean, odourless water for garden irrigation and other suitable household uses. Waterflow NZ Ltd will help you select and install the right system for your project.

Econotreat VBB-C-2200

2200L per day

Advanced Secondary Treatment

Econotreat VBB-P-2000

2000L per day

Advanced Secondary Treatment

Grease Trap 4500L


Primary FOG removal

Econotreat VBB-C-3000

3000L per day

Advanced Secondary Treatment

How Aerated Wastewater Treatment Works

Domestic or on-site aerated sewage treatment systems take the outflow from a normal septic tank to treat it using natural biological processes. But to consume and break down organic material, the bacteria require a large and steady amount of oxygen. Aerated wastewater treatment systems introduce this needed oxygen using electricity-driven pumps or air blowers. The air is bubbled past blocks with a large surface area, specially engineered for prolific growth of bacteria. This type of organism is known as aerobic bacteria, which breaks down waste must faster than anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria are found in septic tanks, where oxygen is lacking; these bacteria will slowly break down solid matter over many years.

With aeration treatment, such systems can process and recycle wastewater efficiently at high levels of treatment. They help families reduce their water usage and contribute to a greener New Zealand.

Let Us Help You Find the Right System

At Waterflow NZ Ltd, we offer Econo-Treat, a cost-effective aerated system that runs on low power. It comes in either plastic or concrete tank options and in a range of models with different capacities. Our team will advise you as to which model best suits the location and needs of your housing project or commercial facility upgrade. No matter the model, Econo-Treat has passed necessary OSET National testing standards at Rotorua, guaranteeing the protection of the environment using modern water treatment methods.

Whether you’re a developer planning a 1,500-unit rural housing project or an architect designing sustainable homes for a few families, have a look at what our eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems can offer your clients.

One of the many domestic systems we install is an aerated system called Econo-Treat. It is an enclosed environment in either plastic or concrete tanks where bacteria thrive by feeding on organic waste. Bacteria require a large and steady supply of oxygen to consume and process organic material. To create this environment, Econo-Treat introduces forced aeration into the system through low-power pumps or air blowers. The Econo-Treat aerated treatment system is designed to process 2000 litres of wastewater per day.

Econo-Treat’s Multiple Advantages

With sewage treatment working like a natural ecosystem, Econo-Treat offers multiple advantages, including:

  • Low mains water usage: Recycled water through Econo-Treat can be used for garden irrigation.
  • Less power: Econo-Treat only requires 1.3KWH per day, which is lower than other systems
  • Odourless operation: Econo-Treat takes the outflow from a normal septic tank and processes it.
  • Plastic tank option: Plastic versions are suitable for sites where access is restricted.
  • Electric alarm panel: This panel alerts you to any problems if there’s a breakdown.
  • Excellent performance: Econo-Treat is designed to perform beyond government guidelines.
  • National Test Field-certified: Guarantees Econo-Treat is an eco-responsible treatment system.

Let Us Help You Find the Right System

We will help you find the right wastewater or sewage treatment system in NZ depending on your project budget, site, capacity requirements and other specifications. Our team will handle the installation and provide ongoing technical support as well.

Get in touch with us. Let’s talk more about your project vision.


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