Grey water treatment systems for you specific requirements

Here at Waterflow we have experience with all type of wastewater, grey water being a major component; in fact it is approximately 2/3 of typical household waste; it comes from your laundry, showers/baths and basins. In most normal situations the grey water is treated and discharged by the onsite wastewater treatment system. However there are times when the grey water requires it’s own treatment system. Whether it is a basic filter and discharge, or a full treatment prior to discharge.

Grey water is fairly ‘clean’ and easy to process, when it is fresh. If grey water is left to sit, it quickly putrefies, becoming both toxic and smelly. Though our care and experience, we can help you deal with your grey water in the best way possible.

Greywater systems have various applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Overloaded/undersized septic tank. Grey water makes up 2/3 of typical household wastewater, removing this from the septic tank can greatly improve its performance.
  • Already have a composting toilet in a cabin or bach. We can help by installing a system to treat and discharge the grey water.
  • Garden irrigation. Running low on water during the summer, but still need to water the garden? Simply filter your grey water and keep the garden flourishing.

Before firing ahead an installing a grey water treatment system there are a few important things to consider:

Grey water Recycling

Are you intending to reuse grey water through your house? While it is possible to treat grey water and put it back through your toilets, it is also very costly. When going down this track it is important to weigh up what you are trying to achieve. Your toilet is black water, and is only a portion of the 1/3 of your wastewater that isn’t grey water, therefore water savings will be much less than you thought. To reuse grey water in this way, it must be disinfected properly; a disinfection plant is costly and requires good maintenance to ensure effective operation.

We have come up with a alternative that will meet your requirements and budget. Simply install a small water tank (around 5,000 – 10,000L) and catch some of the water from your roof. Why reuse dirty water, when we are watching clean water rush past every time it rains? Not only is it cheaper, you will require no treatment before putting it through toilets, gardens, car washing etc. With a basic filter to make it drinkable, this water can also be used to back up your whole house. With water restrictions becoming common through the summer, you can be one step ahead!

Garden Irrigation

Grey water can be great on the garden, especially through dry summer months. Just be careful about storing it, as even treated, grey water can putrefy in a matter of days and become very undesirable. So it is important to have an alternative disposal for excess grey water, to ensure it isn’t left sitting too long.

Kitchen Water

Water from the kitchen sink is often thought of as grey water, however it is not. The presence of grease and grim in your kitchen waste, means that it needs additional treatment before discharge. We offer a small system that uses media filtration, allowing for the filtration of both kitchen and grey water. Alternately you will need to put the kitchen waste through a small grease trap, before adding it to the grey water flow. This often comes as an unexpected cost to people who have installed a composting toilet and want a grey water system for everything else.

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