Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks are much less common now, with a push by industry and regulators towards more advanced treatment systems. However, there are still a handful of applications where a traditional septic is permitted and may be suitable. And on top of that, many advanced systems use a septic tank as the first chamber I the process, so they won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

We design and install septic tanks and are willing to look at this option for your site. However, there are two thoughts you might like to understand when going down this road:

Are Septic Tanks Really a Cheaper Option?

Many people have the impression that treatment systems are highly expensive, and septic tanks are the cheap way to go. In our experience Septic Tanks offer little price benefit when it comes to installation. Septic tanks are mostly concrete, requiring good access and a Hiab to position them; at a slightly higher price, plastic septic tanks are also available for more difficult sites. Septic tank discharge is anaerobic; therefore, it will have a distinct ‘septic’ odour. Due to its odour and low levels of treatment, this effluent should be discharged into the ground via a soakage bed system rather than an irrigation system. Soakage bed systems require excavation and more materials, all adding to the cost of the installation. Therefore, do get comparisons before deciding a septic tank is best.

No Real Treatment, Just a Settling Process

Septic tanks have very little treatment qualities. They rely of an anaerobic process to break down waste, due to the lack of oxygen in the tank. Anaerobic bacteria break down solid matter at a very slow rate, therefore the solids accumulate in the bottom of the tank and require periodic removal. The principle of a septic tank is this: the wastewater all enters a tank of one or more chambers, in each chamber the solids settle to the bottom and the scum floats to the top, the clear water in the middle then passes to the next chamber and finally out to a soakage area. The water has no large solid matter but does contain various contaminants that are not good for your health; the final treatment occurs in the soil where the effluent is discharged. Let Us Help You Find the Right System We will help you find the right wastewater or sewage treatment system in NZ depending on your project budget, site, capacity requirements and other specifications. Our team will handle the installation and provide ongoing technical support as well. Get in touch with us. Let’s talk more about your project vision.

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