Water Harvesting Services

Water harvesting tanks are a great solution to increasing water challenges and present business and domestic clients with multiple benefits.

Waterflow NZ Ltd installs water tanks, pumps and filters for rural homes and businesses.

DAB 1200X Water Pump

Multi-impeller submersible pump with integrated electronics for automatic switching on

Concrete Water Tanks

Choose concrete for a durable tank that can be fully

Smooth Plastic Water Tanks

3,500 - 30,000L

Cost effective water tanks that meet the budget.

ESYBOX Water Pump

The ESYBOX surface mounted pump is a high end, soft

Enduro Water Tanks

450 - 30,000L

Choose quality and style with the Promax range of large

Water Tanks

Rainwater runoff is collected and stored for household uses, such as garden irrigation, toilet flushing or emergency use. Setting up these tanks can be complex. Our team is here to make sure tanks have proper piping and filters to prevent debris from entering the tanks. If the tanks need to be connected to the plumbing of a home or commercial facility, our team will assure the connection is isolated from the mains water system. We may use a backflow prevention device for this.

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Water Pumps

Water tanks help guarantee a ready supply of water whenever it’s needed. But can this water travel to various tap points of the building right when it is needed? An efficient water pump answers this challenge.

At Waterflow NZ Ltd, we have years of experience sourcing and installing the right tank pumps for our clients. We always consider various factors when selecting a pump size or model. These include the distance between the tank and property, water pressure requirements and pump’s energy usage.

Get the right advice and supplies you need. We’ll find and install the right pump for your project.

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Water FiltersWater Filter UV

Rainwater can come with debris from the roof and gutters, which doesn’t always make the best thirst quencher. We can supply and install a range of water filters, delivering the quality you need. From polypleated, ployspun, carbon and UV we can meet any requirement.

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Water Delivery ServicesDrinking Water Delivery

Waterflow NZ Ltd is a registered water carrier. We deliver drinking water throughout the Kaipara region and nearby. With a 10,000L delivery truck, we can get your facilities going again in no time.

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