Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems
Sewage & wastewater treatment solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable New Zealand.
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Water Harvesting Solutions
Water harvesting tanks are a great solution to increasing water challenges
and present business and domestic clients with multiple benefits.
Residential Wastewater Drainage Systems
Fresh water is one of our greatest resources;
by managing wastewater and runoff we are looking after this resource.

Our specialty is in wastewater treatment


With a standard operational capacity of up to 2000L per day, our domestic systems are capable of servicing homes of up to 8 bedrooms; or combinations of dwellings totaling up to 8 bedrooms. These systems are also used in ablution blocks and some other public facilities.


Commercial system can vary from scaled up modules to specialized treatment plants. Waterflow has experience across all fronts. Industrial waste requires a different approach due the nature of the contaminants, we are aware of the pitfalls and willing to share our expertise.

Our products

Here at Waterflow we are dedicated
to a clean New Zealand

Fresh water is one of our greatest resources; by managing wastewater and runoff we are looking after this resource. Built on family values, we are a friendly team and easy to work with, always looking forward to the next challenge.

There are environmentally sustainable ways of managing your wastewater. We offer solutions for both residential and commercial facilities to improve their systems and contribute towards a greener future for New Zealand

Waterflow has a range of products and services that fit your water needs, whether you have any pressing issues to address or simply want a reliable source of water for your home or establishment.

Our drainage systems keep contamination away from fresh water, a precious resource that we all consume on a daily basis. We help you keep things flowing while ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.

Highly corrosive cleaning materials can be harmful to soil over time. We offer alternative cleaning products that support sustainable wastewater systems and greatly reduce environmental degradation.

About us

Wastewater Treatment

Waterflow holds the environment in high regard. We recognize that New Zealand is a small land mass, with water resources being of all importance to many key industries. We look forward to working with you to keep our future economy healthy.

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