Wastewater Treatment Systems

Fresh Water Is One Of Our Greatest Resource

Here at Waterflow we are dedicated to a clean New Zealand. Fresh water is one of our greatest resources; by managing wastewater and runoff we are looking after this resource.

Our products and services here at Waterflow stand for reliability, sustainability and innovation. Expect service and advice that’s clear and straightforward. We’re looking to give you solutions that work, are practical and green.  

When it comes to addressing your wastewater management issues, you can count on our team of experts who have over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial wastewater solutions.

Waste Water

There are environmentally sustainable ways of managing your wastewater. We offer solutions for both residential and commercial facilities to improve their systems and contribute towards a greener future for New Zealand

Water Harvesting

Waterflow has a range of products and services that fit your water needs, whether you have any pressing issues to address or simply want a reliable source of water for your home or establishment.


Our drainage systems keep contamination away from fresh water, a precious resource that we all consume on a daily basis. We help you keep things flowing while ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.


Highly corrosive cleaning materials can be harmful to soil over time. We offer alternative cleaning products that support sustainable wastewater systems and greatly reduce environmental degradation.

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