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Water is one of our greatest but most wasted resources. We’re committed to protect this resource — and the rest of the environment — so future generations can enjoy an abundant supply.

Meet the Waterflow Team

Ken Hoyle - General Manager

Ken joined the team early on, and helped develop the Naturalflow system to what it is today. He loves to be hands on and has a wealth of site knowledge, nothing is too hard. Ken also handles all the commercial projects.

Dean Hoyle - Design

Dean is the Director of Waterflow. He has been here from the beginning and is passionate about sustainable solutions.

He is also the head Designer and is qualified to write reports for council consent; this means he has a wealth of knowledge in local regulations through the country.

Caleb Pirini - Sales

Caleb is a go getter who is passionate about doing things properly. He is the go to person for architects, builders and other specifiers. If you need something done in a hurry, Caleb will be your advocate.

Craig Shadbolt - Operations

Craig is the Operations manager, and is responsible for arranging all the installations. He is happy to help and is one of those people that makes things happen.

Kerry Thomas - Branch Manager

Kerry runs the operations in Waipapa. She joined the Waterflow team with the acquisition of Waipapa Tanks, having been the main driver of the business for some time. She keeps things rolling smoothly and always has smile.

Jane Wells - Servicing

Jane has been involved in servicing for a number of years and knows it inside out. No query too simple or too hard, if she doesn’t have the answer she knows how to get it.

Gerald Hoyle - Technical

Gerald is heavily involved in the research and development side of things, and loves to see improvements. He also helps in the design and construction of one-off and commercial systems.

Our Three Pillars

The team at Waterflow are industry experts. We have a broad understanding of council regulation and understand the customers needs. We do everything we can to make these things work together for your benefit.
Whether it be product development or a smart irrigation design for your site, innovation lies at the heart of what we do. We are constantly striving to have the smartest and most robust solutions in the industry.
From manufacturing to ongoing servicing, we care about everything we do, and more importantly we care about our clients. Everybody matters!
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