Domestic Wastewater Treatment & Water Harvesting Systems in NZ

Waterflow is your end to end supplier and installer of wastewater and water supply products. Boost your residential project with ingenious simplified domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Build Sustainable Homes with Eco-Responsible Wastewater Solutions

Promote sustainability further by incorporating reliable wastewater solutions into your residential projects. Whether you’re a developer or architect of a thousand-unit rural housing development project, put a stop to common energy and maintenance issues of home sewage systems with Waterflow NZ Ltd solutions.

Do it power free, turn to nature with NaturalFlow

Our range of simple yet innovative domestic wastewater treatment systems includes NaturalFlow. A power-free system, it uses vermiculture to treat wastewater and make it possible for homes to reuse greywater. Its silent, odourless operations are modular in design and can fit into almost any site.

Choose Econo-Treat for quality home sewage treatment

Econo-Treat is an aerated system that stimulates a natural ecosystem-like environment in either plastic or concrete tanks so bacteria can thrive feeding on organic waste. It only requires low power to operate, having only one blower operating the entire system.

There are still situations where traditional septic tanks are acceptable, get in touch for an assessment of your property. It is important to weigh up the options before defaulting to this traditional way of processing sewage.

Septic tanks are also a very common primary stage to most secondary treatment systems on the market. They are a successful settlement stage that will be around for years to come.

In a lot of situations a land application is specified by default. It is important to know what options are available to you, as the default may not be the best.

Depending on the proposed use of the land and your budget, there will be a solution that is best suited to you.

Waterflow stands by their product and everything we do, ongoing servicing shows our commitment to you. 

Our team of experienced technicians enjoy keeping your system in tiptop condition. If anything seems wrong or out of place, don’t be afraid to mention it and they will give you peace of mind.

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We’re your partner in making sustainable rural homes in New Zealand. Contact us. Let’s talk about your project requirements for household wastewater treatment systems.

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