ESYBOX Water Pump

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The ESYBOX surface mounted pump is a high end, soft start, multi-stage pump, that gives you the water you want when you need it. Easy to install and manage, this pump can also be doubled up for better flow.

Esybox is the result of the path undertaken by DAB for the integration of companies, technologies and people. But it is also the start of a new line of revolutionary products. Esybox was launched in 2013, and was the first fully integrated electronic system… in a box. A compact enclosure with minimum space requirements. It’s an all-in-one ready-to-use booster pump with inverter and thanks to its ergonomic design set a new benchmark for the management of water pressure in the domestic and residential sector.


Thanks to the Inverter technology, e.sybox draws the energy necessary according to the water requirements, thereby avoiding futile wastes and allowing considerable economic savings. The new variable-speed electronics ensures constant pressure in relation to the flow rate. The systems with inverter technology make less noise compared to the traditional on/off systems because they regulate the motor rpm according to requirements and are also equipped with gradual startup and switch off.


The new compact electronic pressure transducer with built-in temperature sensor developed by DAB, together with the flow sensor, both positioned on the pump delivery, send the necessary signals to the board for proper control of the system.


Designed to minimise the dimensions, ensure compactness of the system and make maintenance easy.


Integrated in the system, it has a 2-litre capacity and is certified for drinking water. Comes with a 5-year guarantee, no maintenance required.


Covered with caps fitted with gasket. Easy to remove, the suction and delivery of the system to be used can be easily selected, depending on the installation.


LCD 70×40 mm high-resolution adjustable for easy reading in the various installations. The user-friendly interface makes it possible to access all the information and customise the main settings according to the specificity of the application.


Allows easy access to the rotor shaft, vertical filling plug and expansion tank. It is also a practical housing for the maintenance tools and user’s guide, functional for using the system.


New water-cooled motor highly resistant to corrosion. Makes it possible to install the system in a recess. The new water-cooled motor eliminates noise generated by the traditional cooling fans.

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