Overflow Connection

Waterflow is the leader in onsite wastewater innovation and best practice.

Your water tank setup is not complete without an overflow. This handles the excess water during high rainfall and safety discharges it onsite.

A poorly designed overflow can cause scouring, slippage and other expensive damage to your property.

Depending on your site and soil there are a few different options:

  • Rip rap – constructed with large rocks and used on large properties to disperse the flow
  • Surface Spreader Bar – the most basic and used on larger properties or when discharging near a water course.
  • Buried Spreader Bar – used on smaller sites with reasonable soakage, or when discharging away from a water course.
  • Soak Pit – more complex design for small sites, it handles the flow and allows it to slowly soak away.

We can help you work out what is required for your site, working along with engineers where required in more complex situations.


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