Residential Wastewater Drainage Systems in NZ

Fresh Water Is One Of Our Greatest Resource

Here at Waterflow we are dedicated to a clean New Zealand. Fresh water is one of our greatest resources; by managing wastewater and runoff we are looking after this resource.

Stormwater Drainage

Trust us to get it right the first time.

Overflow Connection

Water tank overflows must be set up correctly.

Wastewater Drainage

Add wastewater drainage to your project.

Getting a Wastewater system and/or Water Tanks? Let us complete the package with our drain-laying services.

Under the current regulations, anything outside the house footprint requires a drainlayer, anything within requires a plumber. We can complete all exterior drainage work, both wastewater and stormwater. Committed to getting right the first time, you can rely on us to keep things flowing. Turn to Waterflow NZ Ltd for quality residential stormwater drainage solutions and wastewater drainage systems.



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Committed to a sustainable future for New Zealand, Waterflow NZ Ltd is your partner in keeping your residential projects eco-responsible.

Get in touch with us. Let’s talk more about your project requirements.

Drainage Regulations

See below for some of the basic legal requirements for drains:

  • Minimum 1:60 gradient
  • Minimum depth of 300mm below soil
  • Or else a minimum depth of 100mm below concrete
  • Inspection points
  • Correct bedding and side support



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