Reliable Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems in NZ

Wastewater treatment solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable New Zealand. Our specialty is in wastewater treatment. With over 40 years of experience, we have been around long enough to have answers.

From sleepouts, baches, and family homes, to Maraes, accommodation facilities and commercial operations; your solution can be found here at Waterflow.

Enduraplex Pump Station


Quality pressure sewer solution by Aquatec. The Enduraplex has a

Econotreat VBB-C-3000

3000L per day

Advanced Secondary Treatment

Grease Trap 4500L


Primary FOG removal

Econotreat VBB-P-2000

2000L per day

Advanced Secondary Treatment

Econotreat VBB-C-2200

2200L per day

Advanced Secondary Treatment


640L per day

Naturalflow Tiny Homes primary treatment system

Start building a sustainable future for New Zealand with reliable wastewater treatment systems. Turn to Waterflow NZ Ltd for a range of wastewater treatment solutions for domestic and commercial facilities.

With our commitment to delivering the best solution for your situation, we have brought together several systems, along with the professionals to help you make the right decision. With broad industry knowledge and years of experience we have worked hard to earn the title of a trusted wastewater treatment company. Along with the product, we also deliver on compliance; having our own wastewater designers means your solution will also be legal, meeting all the council requirements for your site.

Where Does Wastewater Go?

Wastewater is used water that goes down the kitchen sink, toilet and shower drain. It is water mixed with organic matter such as food scraps, oil and grease, human waste and other debris. It goes down to sewage pipes that are connected to the public wastewater network, which carry it to be treated at a community wastewater treatment service plant. But what if the treatment happens in your backyard?

How does domestic wastewater treatment work?

Domestic wastewater treatment systems simplify the process while keeping the costs minimal and operations simple for homeowners. They’re a cost-effective solution from day one and into the future.

Our residential wastewater treatment systems in NZ harness nature’s recycling mechanisms. These include Vermifiltration, aeration and specialized media that treats your wastewater using minimal to no power from your electrical supply. Most of our options have no mechanical pumps or large moving parts involved.

What happens to wastewater after it’s treated?

After going through a treatment system, the effluent is discharged to land. New Zealand doesn’t permit the discharge of any treated effluent to a watercourse; as you may see in some European advertising and literature.

The liquid is discharged by irrigation or soakage systems. Irrigation systems can be installation above or below the surface, depending on local council requirements. Soakage systems include trenches and soakage beds; similar in principle to traditional tile drains that used to be installed everywhere.

Why choose Waterflow NZ Ltd?

At Waterflow NZ Ltd, we offer both domestic and commercial wastewater treatment systems. Whether you’re a developer or architect designing a rural housing project, a trust establishing a Papakainga or a business owner looking to upgrade a wastewater system, count on a system that offers multiple advantages:

    • Minimal to no power required, letting you save on power bills;
    • Robust, long-lasting systems with minimal maintenance;
    • Compact and modular design that work for even challenging sites;
    • Uncomplicated installation that leads to the easy connection of the system to existing properties;
    • Silent, odourless operations;
    • Ongoing quality support service;
    • Competitive upfront costs combined with low operational costs, meeting your project budget.

Ready to strengthen your commitment to a sustainable future? Get in touch or browse our product range.


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