Turn to Vermiculture for a Reliable, Power-Free Wastewater Treatment

With a commitment to a sustainable future, Waterflow NZ Ltd has developed an on-site wastewater treatment system that harnesses the power of nature’s recycling mechanisms. No power required. No mechanical components or moving parts.


1600L per day

Advanced Primary Treatment


1600L per day

Naturalflow NF11000 secondary treatment system


640L per day

Naturalflow Tiny Homes primary treatment system

These systems rely on vermiculture and natural aerating processes, making wastewater treatment simpler, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Called NaturalFlow, our wastewater treatment system features a revolutionary design. It simulates a forest floor-like system, using Tiger Worms to treat and process wastewater until it is safe to be discharged. It has also simplified sewage treatment by treating greywater and blackwater separately.

The NaturalFlow Advantage

Simple yet robust — NaturalFlow is an advanced wastewater treatment system that offers NZ clients multiple advantages:

  • Power-free operations

NaturalFlow doesn’t need electricity to run, giving home and business owners significant energy savings.

  • Minimal maintenance

Like a natural ecosystem, NaturalFlow works without constant monitoring and mechanical repairs.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Power-free and with minimal risk of breakdowns, the NaturalFlow system can be in service for years.

  • Modular design

The tanks of the system feature a modular design to suit varying site requirements, including sloping sites.

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  • Residential sewage and wastewater treatment system

Treating greywater and blackwater separately, NaturalFlow simplifies wastewater treatment for homeowners. It is built to have a quiet, odourless, smooth and cost-effective operation.

  • Commercial sewage and wastewater treatment system

Besides being power-free, NaturalFlow has no mechanical components. This reduces the risk of breakdowns and the need for constant monitoring, helping users to focus on growing their business.

  • Greywater treatment system

With separate treatment for greywater and blackwater, NaturalFlow makes it easy for greywater to be reused for garden irrigation and other uses. This reduces water usage on any type of property.

  • Passive treatment system

NaturalFlow doesn’t require power and chemical reagents — a passive way to treat water. Passive systems are generally used for greywater, but with clever design, NaturalFlow can be effective with blackwater, as well.

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Find the Right System for Your Project

NaturalFlow comes in a range of sizes and models to suit varying requirements. Choose NF8000 and NF11000 for three to eight-bedroom houses, rural commercial facilities or recreational dwellings. These models can treat a daily flow volume of 2000 litres to primary or secondary treatment level, respectively.

For one to two-bedroom homes, smaller sleepouts and rural commercial buildings with up to 10 staff members, consider NF1500 and NF2000 for turning wastewater into clean irrigation water.

Or ask us for information and help with design for large commercial or small municipal systems.


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